Bridge and Another Man’s Horse

Recently I picked up a stray. Crossing an old wood bridge, I heard an extra pair of clip clops on the wood decking. I looked back. And saw a horse.

Me, Cracker, Brick, and……what the hell….another horse?

Turns out the horse had slipped through an open gate and fallen in to line behind us. I walked the mules back across the bridge, toward where the horse had come from, hoping to lure the horse back home.

The horse followed obediently.

I re-crossed the bridge, hoping this time the horse would stay in its pasture. No luck. It just tucked right in behind Brick and joined our merry band.

For a few minutes, it looked like I’d found an new pack horse.

Not so. A few minutes later, the horse’s owner, Gordon Most, showed up. Turns his wife had been watching us try to cross the river. She saw us having a bit of trouble with the horse and sent Gordon over to help out.

The horse’s name was Lakota. A real likeable sort. So was Gordon.

Gordon shut Lakota up in his pasture. I rode Brick and Cracker west, gone from from four-some back to three-some.

Brick and Cracker taking a grazing break on Gordon Most’s meadow. Running behind them, the middle Loup River. (Outside Seneca, Nebraska)

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