Brother Sister Dory Story

Siblings don’t usually live together on a 23 foot open boat. In winter. During a pandemic. But that’s what I recently wrote a story about for

I’ve written a lot for them over the years, from a fifty-foot cruiser with pizza pan portholes to a sticky-fingered Frenchman on a boat called Primadonna. You can read the most recent story right here.

Evan and Ariana Alexay and Cod: the brother, sister and boat I recently wrote about for (Oriental, NC / Keith Smith photo)
Evan and Ariana (Keith Smith photo)


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Matt Richards
Matt Richards
3 years ago

I just finished the lost sea expedition. I really enjoyed it and love natural American history. Of course I gave the series 5 stars. Thank you. 😎

I encourage you to do more series like this. Why not travel the Mississippi River by boat from the Great Lakes to Nola? Or the original Oregon trail? I would live to see and learn more.

Friendly advice: if this was my production; (I have some film experience) I would include more university professors as experts. And I would try to to include the natural history museums. Everyone has opinions… lol

I live in San Diego. If you are in the south west, i can/will volunteer to help out if needed.

Thank you,

3 years ago

Hey, didn’t you make a sailboat (The “Garage Sale” if I recall correctly) that had this color scheme? Is there any relationship to the dory color scheme?


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