Full Mule Moon

Last night’s super flower blood moon was accompanied by an eclipse in some parts of the world. We didn’t get the eclipse but caught the beautiful sight from between two pairs of mules’ ears. Just on dark my wife Julia and I rode our mules Brick and Cracker to the top of the mountain behind our cabin. Here are some photos I though you might enjoy.

Waiting for the moon. Here, Brick is tied to a chestnut oak tree at our high camp. You can just see the campfire.
Where we live. Our cabin is under the mist bank at the bottom of the photo.
The super flower blood mule moon rising over the Brushy Mountains. The Brushies, as they’re known, is a low range of mountains just east of the Blue Ridge. What’s amazing is that we only saw one light (barely visible under the rising moon) on the miles-long mountain ridge. Otherwise, it’s all just an ocean of trees you’re looking at.

I hope you enjoyed the moon where ever you are.

“Trash to Triumph” Heads Up

Brick and Cracker are the mules I rode from North Carolina to Idaho. “Trash to Triumph” is the account of that journey. I’d be happy to let you know when the book is released. Just sign up for the newsletter below.


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