Rocky Mountain Mule Saddle Frost

Is fall not cool enough for you yet? Here are some chill photos to cool you down a few degrees. They are from my camp along the Greys River (Wyoming) earlier this week.

Is this better? Some crisp frost and fall color for you.
My camp. I’ve been sleeping in my bivy bag. Big, toasty thanks to my wife Julia for sending me a warmer sleeping bag right when I needed it. Night time temps have dipped in to the mid-twenties lately.
Cracker and Brick browse on frosty grass. The low temps spike the sugar content of the grass their eating. This is good news considering I can’t carry much grain to feed them. So far, they’re keeping on the weight. So am I. I start every morning with…
… a hearty breakfast. Here I’m cooking pasta. Followed by a cup of hot chocolate. And an energy bar….or two.
My only neighbors are eating like crazy, too.
My saddle is covered in frost from horn to….
…cantle. I usually cover my saddle with a poncho to keep this from happening. This particular night I forgot. Lesson learned.

There. I hope you’re feeling a little cooler, a little more fall-like now.

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