Slushy Sunday Shadow

Pie cozying down in her shelter. That’s Cracker’s looming shadow.

Howdy Sunday. Julia and I woke to a light snowfall this morning. By noon, temps were in the mid-forties and it was all melting away. Here are few pics I thought you’d enjoy.

The morning as it started. This is the view off our front porch, over the hay pasture where the horses graze. It’s too wet to turn them out today but tomorrow they’ll get a few hours’ turnout.
The view from out front window. I planted some mixed tulips yesterday to get a head start on spring. The gravel comes from our creek and driveway.
There’s an eager bulb in every patch.
By noon, the thaw was in full swing. Those tulip bulbs will be blooming shortly! This is the same photo as the night shot I did a few weeks ago.

I hope you’re having a pleasant Sunday. Did you get snow?

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