Sought: Mule Rambler Lodging

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, gas pump

Brandenburg, Kentucky: my destination for Sunday, May 12. Know anywhere there I could put up the mules for the night? A pasture is all it takes.

Want to host a mule traveler?
The mules and I are heading to Brandenburg, Kentucky on Sunday (May 11, 2019). If you – or someone you know – could put the mules and me up Sunday night that would be terrific. A grassy pasture is all it takes. No fence required. Bonus points if it’s close to the Post Office. I have to pick up a package there Monday morning.

Got a lead? Just drop me an email. I keep my phone off when I’m traveling (it’s that distracted rider thing) but will check my email as I get close to Brandenburg.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, gas pump

Be bold: you could host this entourage. (LaRue County Herald News photo)

Here’s a story that’ll make you smile about one of my mule Post Office runs.
A HUGE thank you to everyone that’s put the mules and me up on our Mules West ramble.

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