Spring in Lily, Kentucky

It’s fitting that I ran in to “real” spring (as opposed to signs of spring) in Lily, Kentucky.
After riding mules Brick and Cracker 20 miles up Highway 25, I was loosing the light fast and starting to wonder where the mules and I were going to spend the night.
I spied a lady trimming a vine in her yard. Pulled the mules in to ask if there was a patch of grass where I could tie them up for the night.
That’s how I met Denise Whitaker and her friend Diana.

Bernie Harberts,  trail ride, diana, mule, denise whitaker, lily, kentucky

Diana (left) and Denise ®. (Lily, KY)

“Where are you going?” Denise asked.
“I’m heading toward Idaho.” I said.
Denise: “Are you kidding me?”
Me: “No.”
I could tell she wasn’t quite buying it.

I don’t blame her. I mean it is sorta strange for a guy on 2 mules to ride up, ask to spend the night in your pasture and claim he was traveling way out west.

She thought on it a spell. We talked some more. In the end, she decided that I was really telling the truth.

That lead to wonderful overnight stay where I got the grand Kentucky spring welcome. And a fine home cooked meal – beans, cornbread, fish cakes and curly greens. Plus a wonderful bacon and egg and fresh biscuit (with apple butter) breakfast.

Bernie Harberts,  trail ride, mule, tree frog

Spring is in the air. My first Kentucky tree frog. It was in the vine that was being trimmed when I rode up.(Lily, KY)

Bernie Harberts,  trail ride, mule, wyseria

A wysteria bloom still tight in the bud. It feels like in a matter of hours, the purple blossoms will burst free. (Lily, KY)

Big thanks to Diana, Bryce, Denise, Faith and Emmitt Whitaker for all the hospitality! Our paths crossed at just the right time.

Bernie Harberts,  trail ride, mule

Cracker enjoying a well deserved graze under a cork screw willow tree.

Bernie Harberts,  trail ride, mule

Our camp. It’s 6:30am. Dawn is just coloring the sky.


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