Sunday Wind Mill Shadow

7:35am: That seventh day has rolled back ’round again. Coffee pots from coast to coast are bubbling to life. Your brain’s still calm before the caffeine. I was going through my photos of the week and this one just seemed restful.

Shadow and windmill (south of Shawnee, Wyoming)

It’s a photo I took last week when I came across a wind mill when I really needed one. That story coming up this week.

I like this photo because it leaves things to the imagination. It’s about hope and loneliness and animal locomotion played out by shadows on the desert floor. I need that fuzzy-around-the-edges imagery on a Sunday morning while the coffee’s brewing and the day is coming in to focus.

Now go pour that cuppa and carpe the hell out of the day.


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4 months ago

Imma carpe the hell out of bed for now, but tomorrow I definitely plan to own the day (after seizing it, AFTER coffee…)

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