Tennessee Easter Sunday Lodgings

Bernie Harberts, mule, tophat, allie brewer, yolanda treece

Easter evening with Allie Brewer and Yolanda Treece. Allie was up from Knoxville visiting her parents. Yolanda is known for her incredible voice and vocal performances. (outside Russellville, TN)

Easter Sunday evening I was really starting to wonder where the mules and I would find a pasture for the night. Enter Allie and Yolanda. They were in the front yard visiting. I rode up. Problem solved. Allie’s dad, Gary Brewer, owned the pasture next door. We’d found a place to stay.

Bernie Harberts, mule, carrot

The Brewers even sent a bag full of carrots up the hill to where the mules and I were camping. Here, Cracker, celebrates, cigar-style. Do I detect Churchill in victory mode?

The next morning, Laura, Allie’s mom, sent us off with a bag of food and well wishes for the road.

Bernie Harberts, sandwich

Food – and a note – for the road.

Thanks so much Allie, Yolanda, Laura and Gary. We met at just the right time.


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