The Sound of Locust Splitting

Here’s how that locust log I’m using in my new fence sounded when I split it with my sledge and wedge. Locust is known for being one tough wood. Rot resistant, too. But what’s less known is how it crackles and pops when it’s split. I made you a recording of what it sounds like to split the locust log below.

Click on the audio below for the sound of locust splitting.

The sound of locust splitting
One of the 4 wedges I used to split that log. You can see how twisted and intertwined locust grain is. Those fibers tearing – and me sledging on the wedge – is what you hear in the recording.
Hot damn! First locust rail in place. This is the corner for a new fence I’m building out behind our cabin.

After I split all those rails by hammer and sledge (I’m up to almost 40 now) I realize why the few people that split locust rails for fences use hydraulic splitters….

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