Three Little Birds

Bird One

Julia said, “I think something’s wrapped around its leg,” and opened her fingers for me to see. In her hand a phoebe with a piece of string wrapped around its foot.

I clipped of the thread with the scissors on my multi-tool. It flew away. Can’t say it was happy. We were, though.

The phoebe, also known as the eastern flycatcher. Voracious insect eaters, they love building nests in the tractor shed, right above my Tacoma pickup.

Bird Two

I took a break from writing my book. It was raining. I was restless. Took a peek out of the curtains and there it was, one of the birds on Roger Tory Peterson’s “A Field Guide to the Birds East of the Rockies”. The first rose crested grosbeak I’d ever seen.

A rare visitor to these parts, Peterson describes the bird as resembling the robin, “but mellower, given with more feeling (as if a Robin has taken voice lesson.)” Our rose crested grosbeak just sat there in the rain pecking at the cheap bird feed.

Bird Three

This one appeared on a white sheet of paper in Julia’s studio. She was writing a friend a letter and included this painting of the common blue jay.

Common but magnificent. Take another look.

Re-examine the blue jay (Julia Carpenter)
The homestead. Grazing out front, pony Pickle and mules Brick, Cracker and Polly

Have a great weekend. Keep an eye out for the birds.

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