Three Questions – Southern Pines, NC

As you know, I like to have themes when I travel. Lost Sea. 65 Days Alone. Litter by State. Budweiser vs. Keystone. Moonshine and Voodoo dolls…

Voodoo doll in anonymous hand – Slab City, CA

Ok, so I haven’t told you about the voodoo dolls. Let’s just say people show you the neatest things when you travel by mule.

But let’s get back to the theme for the next trip.

First and foremost, I’ll be investigating the Lost Sea, the Great Interior Seaway that, seventy-five million years ago, stretched from the Gulf of Mexico North into Canada. But I want a pet project on the side, something light and fun to pass the time when I’m not imagining how a fifteen-foot long sea turtle looks like squashed on the highway.

I’m calling it the Three Questions.

Here’s the deal. As I travel from North to South on my next journey, I want to ask folks the same three question along the entire way. But just what questions should I ask?

That’s where you come in.

What would you, RiverEarth viewers, be interested in learning about the folks living out there under the Lost Sea, er, I mean, on the Great Plains? What they eat, what they think, what they worship, if they think ethanol is good or just a ploy to give a few mega-farmers a fat subsidy check…

Tip 1: Remember I’ll be driving a mule team so the questions have to be short and shoutable.

Example (hollered to a Nebraska farmer as I roll past his mailbox): “Sir, do you think the land you’re standing on used to be fifteen hundred feet under water and filled with giant turtles…?”
Probable response: “Say what?”

Ok, you get the drift on what type of question I’m looking for – short, interesting, yes/no answers, thought but not fist or gun-provoking.

So there you have it. Give it some thought and then shoot me a line.

Your question may be in for the journey of a lifetime.



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