Trenton, MO Greetings

I steered the mules in to Trenton, Missouri to pick up a a canvas water bucket at the post office. Thanks, Julia, for supporting your husband in his rambles! Brick, Cracker and I arrived last night (Thursday). Right now we’re camped at veterinarian Dr Dale Alumbaugh’s clinic Affordable Veterinary Care.

Brick makes new friends quickly. Here, hanging with Quintin and Spur. Quintin and Spur were cutting brush behind the vet clinic. Quintin said this work beat an earlier job of his, working at a hog farm.(Trenton, MO)

The plan is to rest the mules ’til Sunday. Thanks Dale and Theresa for putting us up. Also, thanks Carol at Orshelen farm supply for steering us to Alan.

A tip ‘o the hat to the Trenton post office. I picked up my package from Julia…only to discover I’d forgotten to pick up another General Delivery package from Renegade Hoof boots, maker of the hoof boots I use on the mules. As I was kicking myself back at the vet clinic, the package showed up. The post office had heard I was staying at the Affordable Veterinary Care and had gone ahead and sent the package out to me. Thanks guys!

Spot the mules: Cracker and Brick pull the old vanishing act in their pasture paradise behind Alan’s vet clinic. Look super close and you’ll see them at 9 o’clock.

A few More Pics

Here are a few more photos of our last 4 days on the road from La Plata to Trenton. More to come as I the mules and I get settled in.

On the road to Trenton, MO. (outside New Boston, MO)
On the streets of Laredo: Brick and Cracker hanging with battery salesman Charlie Tracy. Charlie lives in Laredo, MO. He gave us directions toward Trenton and sent us up the road with a cold Pepsi. Thanks Charlie. FYI: I’ve heard the “edo” in Laredo pronounced like the “edo” in “torpedo”. (Laredo, MO)
Cooling off: the mules on one of their hourly breaks. Right now, we’re traveling 8 hours per day. This includes and hour and a half lunch break plus hourly rests to cool down the mules’ backs. We’re making 15 to 18 miles per day.
The Plaza Apartments. Some lovely architecture in Trenton.
Looking up
Downtown Trenton
Grub time: a well deserved meal.
The land around here. Back East, in Illinois, we crossed lots of flat farming country. Here in northern Missouri, the land is more wooded, a mix of farm and ranch land. Here the rolling hills of northern Missouri. We’ve been following lots of gravel roads. Wonderful for mule riding. (outside South Gifford, MO);

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