Two Rings

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A bit of grinder work

This Sunday I pried 2 wire clips off one of the t-posts that hold up the barbed wire in the mule pasture. I bent the clips in to ring shapes on the box blade. Cut off the excess wire with an angle grinder . Slipped the larger of the two rings on my finger. Just to test. Then I made a smaller ring.
Julia and I walked up to the orchard and laid down in the grass. We watched the clouds and jets. We saw a rabbit and a heart in the sky. I focused on the heart. I was nervous. “Be like the heart, not the rabbit,” I told myself.
“Will you marry me?” I asked Julia.
She said, “yes”.
I slide the smaller ring on her finger. Then I asked her what to do next.
I’m 51. I’ve never been married.
She told me I didn’t need 2 rings but since I’d made a second one for me that was okay.
She slid it on my finger.
You can read Julia’s take on how it all went down at her blog Saddle Under the Stars.

Bernie Harberts, julia carpenter, mule, adventure

Julia and me the day we returned from our month and a half mule ramble. Read Julia’s account at her blog Saddle Under the Stars.


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