Writing New Book

Mules Cracker and Brick, stars of my upcoming book, relaxing at home.

Sorry I haven’t written lately. I’ve been busy chasing mules, admiring an 8-legged lamb and having lunch with Robert, a 1000 pound, dead man.

Yes, I’m writing a new book.

Draft One of the new book: All the field notes have been transcribed. Now comes the fleshing out.

Mule Ramble Book

My new book is about my recent mule ramble from North Carolina to Idaho with mules Brick and Cracker. The first draft’s complete. Now comes the fleshing out.

In addition to tales from the road, the new book features plenty of photos, diagrams, maps and practical information for long and short distance equine travel.

Wyoming arrival

New Book Update

Right now we’re putting together a list of folks that want to know when the book comes out. We’re planning to do the traditional publishing route (ie: agent/publisher). These days, that means the writer needs to show the publisher there’s interest in the book. Yes, even Hemingway would have asked you to sign up hear about the book.

Please join the RiverEarth.com Newsletter and we’ll keep you posted as the book progresses.

Brick and Cracker update

Now, a few photos of how Brick and Cracker are spending their days.

Cracker (foreground) and Brick enjoying some late winter R & R. Behind them, my wife Julia’s Haflinger Pickle and mule Polly of the Lost Sea Expedition public TV series now streaming on Amazon.
Cracker and Brick can’t have every day off. Here, my brother Christian (R) joins me for a ride aboard Brick.
Spring herd.

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