Monday May 20, 2019

Bernie Harberts, general store
Some of the many folks the mules and I have met during our current ramble. They include a wild shrub digger, a middle-aged bride and a guy that wanted to dance in front of my mules. It’s been great meeting you all.

Welcome to RiverEarth.com. If you’re one the folks I’ve met on my current Mules West ramble, greetings! If you’ve been visiting the site a while, hey it’s great to have you along for my current ramble.

To get an idea of my past voyages, check out the “Lost Sea Expedition” Public TV series about my 14 month wagon voyage across America.

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Happy Adventuring!

Bernie Harberts


Monday May 20, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, ohio river, barge
Watchin’ the river go by: Cracker takes in a gravel barge as it heads up the Ohio River outside Brandenbury, Ky. He’s pretty chill. I’m not. I know I’ve got to cross that big river on a mule.

I may be headed West with my mules but this week had a nautical flavor. Think bridge crossing, gravel barges and a dead catfish on the side of the road. Here’s a look at Week 6 of my mule ramble.


Saturday May 18, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, gas pump
Said the man with the sign, “I’ve been directing traffic 35 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.”(outside Sulfer, IN)

Howdy from Jasper, Indiana. Mules Brick, Cracker and I have been riding the Indiana back roads from Sulpher to Bird’s Eye to Jasper. Yesterday I ran in to a man holding a sign for a road construction crew. His sign sums up my trip nicely: Slow and Stop. Have a great weekend!
Great big thanks to Dave and Ruth VanWinkle for putting us up in Sulpher and Tim and Robin Collon for putting us up in Jasper tonight (Saturday night).


Friday May 17, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, indiana state sign
Welcome to Indiana (Jack Nunn photo)

Greetings from Indiana. Mules Cracker, Brick and I have arrived in Lincoln’s other home. Funny how he was born across the Ohio River in Kentucky and now both Indiana and Kentucky fight over him.
Wonder how the above photo was taken? For that, I have to thank Pat Green and Jack Nunn. They were taking a lunch break from working at the quarry, saw the police escort I was given coming over the bridge and strolled over for a look.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, pat green, jack nunn
Pat and Jack, my Indiana welcoming committee and personal photographers.

Thanks for saving me from having to set up my tripod for the self portrait guys! Today the mules are heading toward Birds Eye and Jasper.


Wednesday May 15, 2019

Blue above, blue behind, blue below. Today Brick, Cracker and I tackled the obstacle that’s been on our minds the past few weeks: how to cross the Ohio River.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, ohio river, bridge
How to get across this honkin’ bridge. This is the bridge that connects Kentucky to Ohio. For weeks I’ve wondered how I would get the mules across. The bridge dwarfs the barge pushing a load up Ohio River. (Brandenburg, Ky)

In the end, crossing the Ohio River wasn’t too difficult. I called the Brandenburg, Kentucky police department. Asked for a police escort. Then, blue lights flashing behind us, I swung in to the saddle and clip clopped over the Mathew E Welsh bridge that connects Kentucky to Indiana.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, ohio river, bridge
Mid-river: Behind us: Kentucky. Ahead: Indiana. Below: 100 feet to the Ohio River (Middle of the Ohio River outside Brandenburg, Ky)
Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, Brian  Haag
Top hat escort. Driving the police cruiser just behind us is chief of police of Brandenburg, Brian Haag.

Great big thanks to Brian Haag, Tim Hensley and Billy Richardson of the Brandenburg Police Department for organizing our police across the Ohio River bridge. Equal big thanks to Brad and Lana Graham of Corydon for putting the mules and me up tonight, my first night in Indiana.

We’re in Indiana!


Wednesday May 15, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, road kill, dead animals of kentucky
Cracker combining grazing and socializing in Brandenburg, Kentucky (Tracy Smallwood photo)

Great big mule-sized thank you to Tracy and Robby Smallwood for putting mules Brick and Cracker up in their back yard. It proved an oddly irresistible sight for passers-by. Yesterday was a happy mix of drop ins wondering what was in Tracy and Robby’s yard. Today we hope to cross the Ohio River in to Indiana. Thanks to everyone that made our Brandenburg stay such a memorable visit!


Monday May 13, 2019

The speed of mule is the perfect pace to see what winds up on America the Beautiful’s highway shoulders. It’s ugly: thousands of Bud Light cans, Gatorade bottles, KFC boxes and MacDonald’s cups. Occasionally a love letter and a pink purse.

Then there are the butterflies. Smashed mid-flight against bumpers, windshields and grills, their bodies drift down in front of the mules as we plod across the land.

Bernie Harberts, tiger tail, butterfly, tiger tail butterfly
Beautiful wreckage: Eastern Tiger Tail bodies as found on Kentucky’s highway 25E between Middlesboro and Pineville. Many came from the base of Rocky Face Mountain. (outside Pineville, KY)

Yesterday, I photographed ten for you.


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