Wednesday April 24, 2019

Mule Polly and I got to wondering. How often is the “Lost Sea Expedition” being streamed on Amazon? The series is about mule Polly and my solo wagon voyage across America. According to Amazon, it’s been viewed over 700,000 minutes in the last 3 months. That’s almost 12,000 hours. Wow!

Bernie Harberts, mule, the lost sea expedition, amazon prime, tv series, documentary, mule polly
The “Lost Sea Expedition” premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS and has gone on to become an award winning film.

More important, the series has gotten over 80 reviews.

Bernie Harberts, mule, the lost sea expedition, amazon prime, tv series, documentary, mule polly
I filmed the series with only the gear I carried in my wagon. This gives the “Lost Sea Expedition” an authentic spirit that viewers appreciate.

These reviews are vital. They show Amazon the series is engaging viewers. That means Amazon (okay, Amazon’s algorithm) encourages folks to stream the series. That really helps word get out about this beautiful series.

If you’ve reviewed the series already, thanks. If you haven’t, it would be great if you did. A few words and a few seconds is all it takes. You can do that right here.

Thanks from mule Polly and me!

PS: If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can stream the series right here.


Tuesday April 23, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, tophat, allie brewer, yolanda treece
Easter evening with Allie Brewer and Yolanda Treece. Allie was up from Knoxville visiting her parents. Yolanda is known for her incredible voice and vocal performances. (outside Russellville, TN)

Easter Sunday evening I was really starting to wonder where the mules and I would find a pasture for the night. Enter Allie and Yolanda. They were in the front yard visiting. I rode up. Problem solved. Allie’s dad, Gary Brewer, owned the pasture next door. We’d found a place to stay.

Bernie Harberts, mule, carrot
The Brewers even sent a bag full of carrots up the hill to where the mules and I were camping. Here, Cracker, celebrates, cigar-style. Do I detect Churchill in victory mode?

The next morning, Laura, Allie’s mom, sent us off with a bag of food and well wishes for the road.

Bernie Harberts, sandwich
Food – and a note – for the road.

Thanks so much Allie, Yolanda, Laura and Gary. We met at just the right time.


Monday April 22, 2019

You keep your car from rolling away with your parking brake. But what about your mule? Nights, if you don’t restrain them, they have a habit of strolling away looking for Greener Pastures.

Bernie Harberts, mule, picket, isuzu
Brick getting in some quality grazing time the other night. The green hose is what keeps her from ambling off. (Greeneville, TN)

A few nights ago, a derelict Isuzu street sweeper was pressed in to service


Sunday April 21, 2019

Happy Easter. The mules and I are waiting out a patch of wet weather at Ryan and Pam Crick’s in Mosheim, TN. Because I can’t give you a chocolate bunny, you’ll have to settle for a top hat full of eggs.

Bernie Harberts, mule, picket, isuzu
A top hat full of eggs. They’re a gift of Pam and Ryan Crick’s. The big one’s a turkey egg, the small ones are bantam eggs. The medium-sized one might be a Sexlink or an Oprhington (because those are the only 2 chicken names that come to mind). (Mosheim, TN)

Here’s more about Pam and Ryan and how the eggs met their end.


Saturday April 20, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, sign, pink purse
The purse as I found it on the side of the road. It was lying in an open Samsonite suitcase. (outside Greeneville, TN)

Should I open the pink purse? What if I found her finger? What if I found a thousand dollars?

I stopped my mules. Why was there a pink purse in a suitcase on the side of the road?


Friday April 19, 2019

Bernie Harberts, general store
Some of the many folks the mules and I have met during our current ramble. They include a wild shrub digger, a new bride and a guy that wanted to dance in front of my mules. It’s been great meeting you all.

Welcome to RiverEarth.com. I’m meeting lots of new folks on my current Mules West ramble. If you’re one the folks met along the way or a new visitor, greetings. If you’ve been visiting the site a while, hey it’s great to have you along for my current ramble.

You can watch the “Lost Sea Expedition” Public TV series about my 14 month wagon voyage across America on:

If you enjoyed the series, it would be great if you left a review. These really help the mules and me. You can leave your review right here.

Happy Adventuring!

Bernie Harberts


Thursday April 18, 2019

It happened in Globe.
The man walked up to mule Brick who was tied to a poplar tree and said, “I thought she was loose.”

“She’s not,” I said, “but thanks for checking.”

Bernie Harberts, mule, chicken slat, johnny, man
The man, the tree and Brick. (Globe, NC)

The man looked tired.
Me: “What do you do for a living?”
Him: “I build chicken slats.”
Me: “What’s that?”
Him: “It’s what chickens lay eggs on and the chickens will always keep laying.”
Me: “Where’s your job?”
Him: “Taylorsville, one and a half hours away. There’s no work in Globe.”
Me: “I’m Bernie. What’s your name?”
Him: “Johnny.”

He looked distant and weary.

Bernie Harberts, mule, chicken slat, johnny, man
Johnny: chicken slat builder.

Every week I’m out here on the road with my mules, I learn of a new job I never knew existed.
I will think of Johnny next time I fry an egg.


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