105 Amazon Review Thanks

105 Reviews on Amazon: The “Lost Sea Expedition” premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS. The 4-part series covers my 14- month wagon voyage across America.

Thank you for leaving a review. Last weekend we asked folks like you to leave a review for the “Lost Sea Expedition”. We wanted to reach 100 reviews. We reached 105!

This means so much as reviews and word of mouth are the #1 way to spread word of the series.

If you’d like to stream the series, you can do so right here on Amazon.

Of course we’d be thrilled if you left a review. You can leave your review right here.

Happy Adventuring! Bernie and the mules (currently taking a rest day in Stanberry, MO)

2 Responses to 105 Amazon Review Thanks

  • Bernie wish I’d just saddled up & rode with you today for while to visit more! Safe travel & God bless! Pleasure meetung you!

  • Sam. Hell, I’m only 17 miles away in Burlington Junction! Seriously, it was a pleasure meeting you and Laurie. I could have stood in that dark pasture this morning and talked way past sunrise.
    I wish you the best with all you do and your horses, too.
    Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality (and water that I’m cooking rice with tonight).
    Bernie / RiverEarth.dom

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