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Where in the World is Tasmania?

If someone gave you a world atlas and told you to put your finger on Tasmania, if you’re like I was until recently, you’d spend lots of time searching. Your finger would quickly pass over the major continents, Africa, South America, North America, Asia, maybe head out into the Pacific for a quick spin then start looking for island specks in the ocean.

Then, if you’re like me, your finger would drift landward and start hovering over places you’d read… Continue reading

What you really need

It’s a question I get all the time. “What kind of gear do you use when you travel?”

The answer is “less and less”

Over the years, after sailing alone around the world and traveling across the US by mule – both ways – I find that gear counts less while interviewing interesting folks counts increasingly more. I travel for immersion, not to compare tent weight with fellow wanderers. I want to hear the man’s story about how he came… Continue reading

What's up at

2009 may have been the year I completed the Lost Sea Expedition, my Canada to Mexico wagon trek, but the trip isn’t over.

For that, I’ll need a good chunk of 2010.

In the course of the 2,500 mile, 10-state voyage, I shot over 6,500 minutes of Hi-Def film footage. Accompanied by a similiar amount of audio recordings. Now, it’s time to put this store of footage into a documentary film.

This is gonna be loud: Interviewing a Nebraska thunderhead… Continue reading

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