A Time and a Place

Small wonder Polly takes a nap when I pull her off the trailer at the end of the day. In the past week and a half, we’ve traveled close to 2000 miles – from Asheboro, North Carolina to Syndey, Nova Scotia. Sydney. Here, Polly catches a nap around mile 1562. Meanwhile, Yari Msika and a jumping pal go airborne. His parents Theirry and Maran Msik put us up a few days in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

When voyaging by wagon, I have the following place and time rule: I can meet you in a certain place. Or I can meet you at a certain time.

But I can’t do both.

Trouble is, the world moves much faster than my mule wagon. It’s easy to say, “let’s catch up this weekend in Baddeck, Nova Scotia”. Which is nearby. If you have a car. But my mule, it would take three days to make the 30-odd miles.

See you in Newfoundland!



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