A Top Hat Full of Easter Eggs

Happy Easter. The mules and I are waiting out a patch of wet weather at Ryan and Pam Crick’s in Mosheim, TN. Because I can’t give you a chocolate bunny, you’ll have to settle for a top hat full of eggs.

Bernie Harberts, mule, picket, isuzu

A top hat full of eggs. They’re a gift of Pam and Ryan Crick. The big one’s a turkey egg, the small ones are bantam eggs. The medium-sized one might be a Sexlink or an Oprhington (because those are the only 2 chicken names that come to mind). (Mosheim, TN)

Bernie Harberts, mule, picket, isuzu

My top hat spends most of its days riding on top of mule Brick’s pack saddle. It’s triggered stories from passers-by I would have never imagined.

Bernie Harberts, mule, pavillion

Ryan Crick. Here finishing breakfast in his shop. He invited me to join his crew for a bite. I haven’t had biscuits and gravy, bacon, fried eggs and Coke for breakfast in a while. Ryan is a direct man. I like how he stabbed his knife through his breakfast box to signify breakfast was over.

I met Ryan a few days ago while riding through Greeneville, TN. It was getting late in the day and I needed a place to stay. He offered me a great place to picket out my mules for the night.

During my stay, he told me some rainy weather was headed our way. Really rainy. As in inches of rain.

The next day I rode to his home where I holed up for the Easter weekend. Ryan was right. It “came a toad strangler” as folks say. Here are some photos of where we weathered the deluge.

Bernie Harberts, mule, pavillion

A dry place out of the rain is really appreciated out here on the road. The mules have their own round pen full of grass and I’m spending the Easter weekend…

Bernie Harberts, mule, pavillion

… camped in the pavillion.

Bernie Harberts, mule, pavillion

How the eggs met their end.

Bernie Harberts, mule, pavillion

The end of the eggs. The world will just have to live with one less turkey and a few less chickens.

Pam and Ryan own McMillan Caftish Farm and Horse Camp. Mules Brick and Cracker will tell you first-hand how much they enjoyed their stay here. Thanks guys for putting us up!

Eating these eggs made me think of Johnny the Chicken Slat Man.

Rev Johannes Myors
2019-04-21 17:48:01

I’m glad to see that you had a dry place to stay over the weekend. I know what is like having rain hit a metal roof. Two question. First: Is there any difference in taste between the chicken and turkey eggs or could you tell that there wasn’t a difference because they were scrambled together? Second: I was wondering whether you are carrying two different kinds of shelter or is this tent a borrowed one? I thought that you were going light and relying on a bivvy bag. I spent last night in my tent outside of Moncks Corner, SC. I had cycled a whopping 56 miles from Walterboro, SC. Tonight, I’m camped out on the stage in the fellowship hall of the First United Methodist Church in Moncks Corner. I’m going to maybe push it to Georgetown, SC tomorrow. I want to have a couple of days off with friends in the N Myrtle Beach area. My plan is to get into the Southern edge of NC at Tabor City next Saturday.

Pam and Ryan Crick
2019-04-22 08:50:51

Thank you for your visit Bernie! We hope you found a nice place to rest last night and everyone is rested! You will remain in our thoughts and prayers and we are looking forward to your posts!!
Safe travels friend!

Pam & Ryan Crick

Bernie Harberts
2019-04-22 21:32:13

Great hearing from you Pam and Ryan. The mules and I sure enjoyed our visit and ducking the rain at your place. We spent the night at Gary and Laura Brewers (Russellville) ) the day we left your place. Tonight (Mon) we made Bean Station. Thanks for the great stay and memories. BIGhowdy to everyone! Bernie

Bernie Harberts
2019-04-22 21:36:17

Hi Hans. You asked about the turkey and chicken eggs. By the time I got to them, it was too late. I’d scrambled them. If I was to guess, I’d say they taste about the same.
You also asked about the bivy. I carry the bivy in addition to a lightweight tent. I use the bivy more and more (3 of 7 nights this week, including tonight).
Hope you’re cycling’s going well and you’re finding good shelter from the rain.


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