Alpine, Wyoming Arrival

Mules Brick and Cracker and I have crossed McDougal gap and arrived in Alpine, Wyoming. The timing is perfect for getting off the mountain. Rain and snow at higher elevations are forecast for the next 4 days.

An Alpine moment with Brick: I had to hug both my mules’ heads in gratitude for carrying me safely across Wyoming. We are now only a few miles from Idaho.

Right now the mules and I are settling in to Alpine. We’re camped at the Forest Service horse corrals at the mouth of Greys River. Plenty of photos from the back country to come but first a warm meal and some bee’s wax water proofing on my cracked up boots.

Okay, 2 photos for you….

Waiting for more rain: where I plan to wait out the rain.
Brick plunging in to some early fall browse along the banks of the Greys River (outside Alpine, Wyoming)

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marcia Cutter
marcia Cutter
4 years ago

What a fabulous adventure. Its been great fun reading your post . Thank you and a safe trek home !!!

Sue McBride
4 years ago

Glad to see you have found a good place to hunker down and wait out this weekend’s weather!

Jude knapp
Jude knapp
4 years ago

So glad you are safe! I’m really enjoying your travels! Stay warm.

Janet DeClerck
Janet DeClerck
4 years ago

So happy to see you are in a safe area. Keep traveling safe.

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