Announcing "Captain Bernie's Mule Speed Library Tour"

As I rode Woody and Maggie across America, I wrote a series of articles for RiverEarth and various newspapers.

There was only one problem.

I couldn’t carry a computer in my saddlebag because it weighed too much.

Enter libraries. They had public computers and Internet access. But what would I do with my mounts as I filed my stories?

Bringing them inside was out. I’d tried that at Gaskill’s Hardware Store in Beaufort and when Woody wasn’t eying the peanuts, he was sizing up the Duron paint samples for a nibble.

“Bernie? This is going to work in a library?”
Gaskill’s Hardware – Beaufort, NC, March 2004

So the gig went like this.

Bernie rode his mounts to a library, tied them by the front door, dove inside, dashed out an article and escaped before his two chargers got into a kicking match.

If it hadn’t been for libraries, RiverEarth couldn’t have brought you stories and pictures from the road.

So, this summer and fall, as a thank you gesture, I’ll be visiting North Carolina libraries on my “Captain Bernie’s Mule Speed Library Tour”. I’ll be talking about my trip across America – letting folks across the state find out what ever happened to that guy that tied his mule in front of libraries in Garland and Wallace, North Carolina – and Gila Bend, Arizona.

If not for the Gila Bend Public Library, you wouldn’t be seeing this photo
Gila Bend, AZ March 2005

Talks will consist of a half-hour narrated slide show followed by a question and answer session.

Yes, Woody and Maggie are joining me for a few of these visits – via trailer this time.

If your library our group would like to have us over for a presentation, just drop us a line…


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