Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch and I Talk Mule Rambling, Saddles and Hoof Boots

Steve Edwards and I talk mules saddles, hoof boots and forage on the hoof (Click on the photo to stream the video).

Had a great online chat today with Steve Edwards about some of my long distance rides. Steve is the owner of Queen Valley Mule Ranch. In addition to be being a great saddle maker (I used one of his saddles on my latest mule voyage) he sure knows his mule. A few of the topics we discussed are:

  • Disastery to Mastery : finding the balance between just taking off with your horse or mule or waiting until you know it all
  • 6,000 Miles, 2 Saddles: explaining the voyage of how I got to the saddle that I use (spoiler alert: it’s one of Steve’s Trail Lite saddles. You can read the review right here.)
  • 10,000 Barefoot Mule Miles: discussing my experience with hoof boots on long distant rides, especially with barefoot mules
  • Forage on the Hoof: showing you the ways I kept my mules fed on my unsupported long distance trips

Steve and I had a lot of fun talking about all this. Big thanks to:

New Book Update and Newsletter

I’m about a week away from finishing the first draft of the new book about my mule journey from North Carolina to Idaho. It’s weighing in at a whopping 300,000 words and I’m thrilled with how it’s coming out. I’m especially proud of how I’ve captured the feel of what it’s like to travel months on end through American with my mules. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

The route I took across America for my latest book.
The book has great stories about folks I would probably not have ever met had I not bombed in to their lives with my mules. Here, Landri Loos walks her pig. Landri’s story is in the book. (Hazard, Ne)
Like all great travel books, this one has plenty of adventure. Here, Cracker and Brick post-wreck… (Outside Dannebrog, Ne)

Get A Free Copy of my New Photo Book “19 Million Mule Steps”

I’ve been working on a photo book while I’m editing “Two Mules to Triumph” into a manageable length. It’s called “19 Million Mules Steps” and contains 134 pages of photos, musings and sketches that didn’t fit into “Two Mules to Triumph.” Yes, “19 Million Mule Steps” contains plenty of photos of one of Steve’s Queen Valley Mule Ranch (QVM) saddles going through its paces.

I’d love for you to have a copy.


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