Crankin’: Long Distance Bicyclists Talk About Their Bike Journeys

Though I take most of my trips on the back of a mule, I always enjoy meeting long-distance bikers in my rambles. Here are the stories of three people taking long bicycle trips I thought you’d enjoy. They are Johannes “Hans” Myors, Sven Eckhard, and Ji Liong.

Johannes “Hans” Myors

Reverend Hans Myors (Southern Pines, North Carolina)

Reverend Hans’ story is one of stick-to-it-ness. As of the day I met him on the side of the road, he’d pedaled 168,000 miles around America, replaced 315 inner tubes, and crossed the United States 14 times – once with a hamster named Schroeder. He figures he’s made over a billion strokes with his bicycle pedals, and every time he makes one, a prayer goes up to heaven. That’s a whole lotta praying and pedaling. Read Reverend Hans’ story right here.

Sven Eckhard

Sven Eckhard hanging with my mule Cracker (South Pass, Wyoming)

What’s it like to pedal an old bike from Alaska to Patagonia? While I was riding my mules from North Carolina to Idaho, I caught up with Sven Eckhard. He was on the side of the road, figuring out what to eat for lunch. We started talking and as we were chatting, a rancher and his wife invited us to lunch. I’ve never seen a skinny man eat so much food. Here are some photos of the day we met and the feast we enjoyed.

Ji Liong

Ji Liong holding Brick and Cracker as I was riding them from North Carolina to Idaho (outside Douglas, Wyoming)

I met Ji Liong in Wyoming as he was pedaling across the United States. Here are some photos of that wide-open country you might enjoy.

Pedaling a Bicycle Around Tasmania

A while back, I spent half a year pedaling a ten-dollar bike around Tasmania. It was a hell of an adventure involving getting sucked on by leaches, working on a lobster boat named “Miss Carmen”, and spending time with Ludo Mineur, the Alpaca Man.

The plan had originally been to ride a horse around Tasmania. Instead, I had to settle for a bike I bought for the price of a six-pack in a “tip shop” (what they call a thrift shop in Tasmania).

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