Big Dipper Tent Goodnight

I usually post in the mornings but tonight I’m making an exception for the Big Dipper. It was rising over my tent tonight and I thought you’d enjoy seeing it.

Big Dipper Tent Goodnight (Fort Robinson, NE)

I know you’ve got a lot on your mind, decisions to make, voices to listen to and voices to silence. If you’re up late and reading this, I hope this starry night calms your mind and helps you sleep. If you’re reading this first thing in the morning, I hope it gets your day started right.

Good night from Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

2 Responses to Big Dipper Tent Goodnight

  • Thanks Bernie. We can almost always see the dipper unless the cloud cover rolls in off the Pacific. I often watch the night sky, think of people and animals who have left us and feel them not so far away.

    • Hi Todd. Lovely thought. I, too, wonder about what others are doing as I stare at the Big Dipper. Mostly I think of my wife Julia. When we’re on the farm, most every night during late check, we stare in to the heavens and ponder.

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