Bolting it all Together – Southern Pines, NC

I know, I know! You’re sick of Technical Drawing Number One. Just remember, it’s all I have in the way of blueprints, the only thing I have to go by as I build the wagon that, so far, has only resided in my brain.

Technical Drawing Number One

For months now I have been building the body parts to what look like an enormous slab sided monster. The yellow side walls, flank-like and stiff. The wooden ribs, bowed like they might fit around a giant heart. The steel frame, the green carcass to a mysteriously square beast.

But mostly I wondered this.

Was all this stuff going to fit like it should? Should I have spent more than five minutes drawing up my Technical Drawing Number One.

Well, here’s the big news.

I finally got it all bolted together!

Like birth when it comes, it went really quickly.

The bare frame waiting for the walls

The walls go up (Susan Edwards photo)

The roof beams are bolted in place

This is the last time you’ll see blue sky between those beams

And finally we have a roof!

So yes, we’re making progress. Just remember, this is where where we started out…

Wagon wreckage

But now it’s getting wintry outside.

‘time to bring this project inside.



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