Bridge Across the Illinois River

Going solo: Cracker leads the way across the bridge that spans the Illinois River outside of Meredosia, IL. Unlike other bridges we’ve crossed on this trip, we didn’t call for a police escort.

In the past month, mules Brick, Cracker and I have crossed 4 major rivers: the Ohio, the Wabash, the Illinois and the Mississippi. For the first two, we enlisted the help of local law enforcement to get across. For the Mississippi, the mules got a ride in Todd and Julie Curry’s horse trailer.

For the Illinois we just took a deep breath and struck out alone, hoping traffic would behave. Oh, and we wouldn’t encounter big expansion joints.

Mule Brick is freaked out by expansion joints.

It turned out to be smooth sailing. No expansion joints. No heavy traffic. We eased across the bridged and tackled the last miles across Illinois. Another bridge down, another river behind us.

A few more photos of our traverse

The bridge as seen from downtown Meredosia, IL.
Cracker takes aim. Then waits…
…for a semi to pass. Then it’s off to the races!
The psychedelic-straight-up view of us going over the bridge. I had to stop in the middle of the road to take this photo. Luckily, there were no cars passing at the time.
The view of the Illinois River from the top of the bridge.
Soon we are back on our beloved back roads. Whew. Big sigh.

Want even more photos?

At the time our visit, the Illinois River was flooding. Some of the residents wondered if the levee would hold. Others, like Patty Henken who works at the post office, wondered what would happen to the animals displaced by the rising waters. Listen to Patty’s thoughts and see the photos here.

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