Broken Bow 4-H

11 years ago, almost to the day, I passed through Broken Bow with mule Polly the our “Lost Sea Expedition” voyage. Today, I rode in through the front gates and received the same kind of generous welcome I received over a decade ago.

Cracker Scratcher: the mules’ ears were an immediate draw (Custer County Fairgrounds, Broken Bow, Nebraska)

The fairground was packed with trailers, horses, parents and kids. All setting up for this coming week’s 4-H show. Despite the crowd, management managed to find us a wonderful grassy spot to camp.

Brick and Cracker and I had a great welcome. Here Lyndsie is holding Brick (L) and Mackenzie is hanging on to Cracker. J J, under the flag, showed us where we could set up camp.

Some Photos of the Day

Lunch break: we tie to whatever we can find. In this case…
…a lichen covered post.
Custer County Fairgrounds. In addition to horse events, there is a 4-H stock show and sale.
Camp tonight.

Thanks to everyone at the Custer County Fairground for making the mules and I so welcome. From grain to routing advice to the Subway sandwich, you made the mules and I feel really at home.

Tomorrow we head out to Anselmo, 21 miles away.


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Christian Harberts
4 years ago

Me, I love that tent! The seems on ours, admittedly brand new, kept a midnight gully-washer of a downpour at bay, a week ago, with nary a drop on the inside. Before the start of the trip I proposed to caulk the seams, but the idea was nixed as being irrational. So, irrationally, I fretted that we would drown in the first downpour, especially at night. We survived! 😉


4 years ago

LOVE the picture of the Cracker Scratcher.

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