Buck and Smile

Buck. And. Smile! (Leatherwood / Ferguson, NC) (photo by Skye Pincock Evans)

Sometimes, life throws a little buck your way. The best reaction is to stay balanced and grin. The photo above is of Brick sneaking in a little heels-up action at last week’s Ty Evan’s clinic at Leatherwood in Ferguson, NC. She did great and we learned a lot. I guess she’s recovered from her 2,300 mile walk from our farm in western North Carolina to Idaho.

Great big thanks to Ty, Skye, Shannon Hoffman, Abbie Hanchey and everyone at Leatherwood who helped put on this great clinic (including Jamie, who caught mule Cracker after my knot slipped when it shouldn’t have). And remember, when life tosses you a little buck: smile!

PS: I’m days away from finishing the first draft of my account of riding mules Brick and Cracker 198 days through America. I’d love to give you a heads up when the book comes out. Just sign up for the newsletter right here.


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