Casper the Super-friendly Cat up for Adoption

AUGUST 26: CASPER UPDATE Great big thanks to our neighbor Brandon Lane Darrin who recognized Casper, the mucho-cool cat who showed up at our barn this week. It turns out Casper is “Kit Kit”, our neighbor’s cat. He disappeared in late March and has been reunited with his family, a mom and dad and three kids. A great ending to the story. Our barn’s a little quiet now since he left….

Casper is a trusting cat. This photo was taken two hours after he found Julia.

AUGUST 23: The night before last, the doors to the cabin were open, and I heard a cat meowing. My wife Julia and I don’t own a cat. I looked outside and saw a gray cat standing on the lawn. I approached it, and it ran away. The next morning, Julia came back from morning chores and said, “We have a cat.” An hour later, the cat was my new best friend. We named him Casper, and he’s up for adoption.

Casper makes friends quickly. He hanging with Polly and me

Casper loves tuna, reconstituted powdered milk (because he caught us without fresh milk) and crickets. He’s one of the friendliest cats I’ve met. Our vet says he’s six months old. She’s going to give him his shots, deworm and neuter him this week.

Casper is gray with beautiful green-yellow eyes. He’s good with horses, mules and laps. Julia and I can’t go to the barn, where he’s living, without him trotting out to me us. He’s trusting and loves attention. Casper already has a nickname. It’s Cat’s Purr. We’d love to keep him, but we travel too much to have a cat. If you’re looking for a terrific cat, contact me.

Beautiful eyes
Casper hanging with Julia and Polly


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Christian Harberts
1 year ago

So, without giving away the exact location, how far did Casper travel in 5 months? Caldwell County? Alexander? Wilkes?

It’s a real testament to survival instinct. Easier in Spring and Summer than in Winter, too…


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