Casper, Wyoming Arrival – and Departure

Hello – and goodbye – from Casper, Wyoming.

Casper, Wyoming arrival. Thanks Melissa for taking my photo
Liong says howdy. I met fellow traveler Liong pedaling his bike up the road. He left New Jersey 30 days ago.

The mules and I arrived in Casper Tuesday evening. We hope to set out toward Muddy Gap today.

Muddy Gap’s sort of a misnomer given that it’s smack in in the middle of Wyoming’s best dusty dry land. The good news is we’re traveling along the Platte River for a good portion of the run there.

The Week in Photos

Here are a few photos of this week’s jaunt from Douglas to Casper.

In to a dry land
Back east, the mules feasted on fescue and alfalfa. In Wyoming they’re getting less picky. Here Cracker eating Russian thistle – aka tumbleweed.
Camping at Bixby river access
Brick slaking her thirst in the Platte River at the end of long day. So far, I’ve been able to water the mules twice a day at spots we can access the river.
Cracker and Brick bickering under a cotton wood tree we camped under. The tree was so big around I had to tie a rope around it like a belt. Then I tied the mules to that rope.
Groves in the bark of that giant cotton wood.
Which future do you want? Here the Dave Johnson coal plant outside Glenrock, In the background a windmill farm. Note the plumes of particulate matter spewing from the white chimneys.
Look closely and even in this dry land, you’ll fine something to eat. Here, wild gooseberries found growing under a cotton wood tree.
Day’s end

5 Responses to Casper, Wyoming Arrival – and Departure

  • So much fine photography! I particularly like the moon above the silhouette of the cottonwood tree… The best camera is the one you have when you need it. From there, its just a matter of keeping your eyes and mind open.

    Look forward to more!


    • Hey thanks for the kind words Christian. This last batch of pics are straight off the camera. The camera with the shattered screen. The best camera in the world because…it was in my pocket! Sure helps to be in a part of the world where it’s hard to take a bad photo…

  • Hey, Bernie! We’re going to be at the A Bar A next week. Don’t know where you’ll be by then, but it would be great to get together.

    • Hi guys! In my Fantasy Mule Route Planning my trip would have taken me by A Bar A but the Gods of Rhumb Route Mule Travel steered me toward Independence Rock (where I’m camped right now, Sunday, September 8). From here I hope to head toward Muddy Junction and then turn west toward Sweet Water and Lander.
      Let me know if the Gods of Whim steer you up our way!
      Have a great visit.

  • So glad to learn you made it to Independence Rock today. There is good shelter there for the night! I agree with Christian about your great photos—especially the moon shot! Really enjoying your posts about your travels through Wyoming.

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