Cast Away on a Whaleboat

Get on the high side! The crew of the heavily reefed Capricornia sit on the weather side to keep the open boat upright. Capricornia is a 30-foot gaff rigged whale boat.

Sheesh! Last time I wrote you I was waxing poetic on Tasmanian country roads. Just to show what wonderful things they lead to, the gravel road I followed lead me to a 30-foot open whaleboat, an overnight stranding that amounted to a modern day cast-away status – and a trophy at Australia’s southernmost regatta. All in the same boat….

I know. It’s a lot to digest. But first some clothes washing is in order. Stay tuned…

Worry Wart Factoid: Fear not, I’m fine. After the whaleboat adventure, I loaded up my trusty bike and resumed my journey toward Hobart. There, on Friday, April 28, I depart for North Carolina.

The calm after the blow: Capricornia lands on the beach in Dover. (Dover, Tasmania)

Map note: the map below shows where the Capricornia made shore in her unexpected Bruny Island landfall.

Keith Smith
2011-04-29 12:23:22

That Bernie – he can’t stay away from gaff-rigged boats.


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