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Mystery Equipment ID Thanks

I recently asked you guys to help me ID a mysterious piece of equipment. You sure came through. The contraption was parked in a Nebraska field south of Berea. It looked like a cross between a gravel sorter and shrimp boat.

Mystery equipment outside Berea, Nebraska.

Thanks to all the comments from folks who ID-ed it for me. I got especially excited when Andrea wrote in saying it was a “sugar beer piler”.

Sugar beer?

Cool! Nebraska was turning out… Continue reading

Fort Robinson, Nebraska, Arrival

At one time, it housed 12,000 cavalry horses and 4,000 mules. The next two days, mules Brick and Cracker are calling it home. We have arrived at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

Fort Robinson arrival: 127 days after riding out our western North Carolina front gate, we arrived at the old Cavalry Remount station.

Brick and Cracker have traveled 120-plus miles in the last 5 days so they’re ready for 2 days off. The folks at Fort Robinson have been super putting… Continue reading

Resting in Central City

2 bags of feed, a salt block and a patch of grass they couldn’t eat in a week. The mules are holed up in Central City, Nebraska, enjoying 2 days off after 2 weeks of almost uninterrupted walking.

Our first stop in town was Bomgaars ag supply. I came looking for grain, salt and a place to keep the mules while I was in Central City. Here, Cracker’s schmoozing with Bomgaars employees Dusty Ericksen, Karla Jensen and Threasa (pronounced “Theresa”… Continue reading

Mule Lodging Log

My log book. It doubles as my journal and travels in my saddle bag. (Oxbow Reservoir / Ulysses, Nebraska)

97 days ago I rode mules Brick and Cracker out the front gate and headed West. I’ve kept a record of where I’ve slept every night since then. Also who I stayed with and how many miles I covered that day.

In 3 days I’ll have been gone from my home and wife Julia for 100 days. I sure miss Julia… Continue reading

105 Amazon Review Thanks

105 Reviews on Amazon: The “Lost Sea Expedition” premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS. The 4-part series covers my 14- month wagon voyage across America.

Thank you for leaving a review. Last weekend we asked folks like you to leave a review for the “Lost Sea Expedition”. We wanted to reach 100 reviews. We reached 105!

This means so much as reviews and word of mouth are the #1 way to spread word of the series.

If you’d like to stream… Continue reading

Shoulda Called a Rain Date

I’m writing you from a wet, dark tent tonight. It’s damp. My feet stink. My sleeping bag is soggy. And it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have ventured out with the mules today.

The scene inside my tent tonight. It’s rainy. It’s dark. But it’s not foggy. That’s the water inside the lens of my camera. I may have ruined it today. Good thing you can’t smell my feet. Bugger.

I should have called a rain date today. I should… Continue reading

Crossing the Mississippi River With 2 Mules

Mules Brick, Cracker and I have crossed the Mississippi River! No, not on a barge, ferry or flatboat. No, I didn’t ride them down Interstate 24 across the bridge that connects Quincy, Illinois to Missouri. No, I loaded them up on a trailer and hauled them across Big Muddy behind a red Ford pickup.

The bridge that needed crossing. Look closely and you’ll see a tug going underneath. What you don’t see is the west-bound traffic on Interstate 24. Just… Continue reading

Mule Ramble Week 9 in Photos

Call this the Big City week. The mules spent the past 4 days resting up on the outskirts of Quincy, Illinois. Thanks Todd and Julie Curry for giving the mules and me a place to catch our breathes! I thought you’d enjoy a few photos of my time in Gem City.

Quincy, Illinois. Population +-40,000. Plus this week, 2 transient mules and a dude from North Carolina. In the background, the Bayview Bridge. It is one of 2 bridges that… Continue reading

Two Rings

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A bit of grinder work

This Sunday I pried 2 wire clips off one of the t-posts that hold up the barbed wire in the mule pasture. I bent the clips in to ring shapes on the box blade. Cut off the excess wire with an angle grinder . Slipped the larger of the two rings on my finger. Just to test. Then I made a smaller ring.
Julia and I walked up to the orchard and laid down in… Continue reading

Living Lean and Feeling Bionic

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Mule ramblin’ digs: Julia and the mules prepare to bunk down for the night on last fall’s mule ramble. We spent six weeks traveling from our farm in western NC to Virginia and back. (Iron Mountain Trail, Damascus, VA)

“There’s a certain sharpness that comes from not being comfortable all the time.”
That’s Julia writing about our month and a half long mule ramble we took last fall. We traveled with little more than a tent, 2 jugs of water… Continue reading

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