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It's Not's What's Over the Door

This week I went rambling in the Uwharrie Forest with Polly and Buddy, my mule companions. Just the three of us, 100 miles of road and a bit of gear: hammock, sleeping bag and string. No great mission. Just two mules and a man out clearing his head.

Days, we traveled the back roads. Nights we camped with friends new and old. The second night I slept in a hammock tied to Wayne Hussey’s corn crib.

My ramble mates Buddy… Continue reading

How to Stow Away on a Sailboat

So you want to stow away on a sailboat, eh? Blend in somewhere on something like that salty sailboat I built 20 years ago. See where it takes you.

Damn. Unless you could shape shift into a seat cushion, brass lantern or bronze port, I’d rate the odds of remaining undetected on a 18 1/2 footer as slim to delusional. If you still insist, though, I would suggest seeking shelter in a cockpit locker. Don’t try to hide under the… Continue reading

Seek Work

Then came the day I realized I was 45, my dad was almost twice that, and I needed a job. Cash money baby. The folding kind. Not the kind that gets electronically deposited into your account on Friday. No, for that you need to commute and smell nice and tuck in your shirt.

The lifestyle that Polly and I had chosen just wasn’t up for that zeros and one kind of monetary lifestyle.

Polly’s my mule.

Nope, it was all… Continue reading

Whiskey Bottle Cake

My dad Arthur Harberts on his birthday, June 13. He never was much of a cake man so I just put the candles on a bottle of his favorite beverage. Cheers!

Today’s the Big Day. Dad turns 87. Happy birthday dad!

My dad Arthur Harberts is my closest friend. He’s also my traveling hero and the man who taught me one of life’s most important lessons – improvise. This year, when I came up short in the cake department, I… Continue reading

Spring 2013 Hoofing It program schedule

Ready for a quick ramble? Join me for one of the upcoming “Hoofing It” programs. All the excitement of traveling across North Carolina with a mule (minus the saddle sores and slugs).

Saturday, May 6
Mebane Public Library
101 S. First St.
Mebane, NC 27302

Tuesday, May 14
First Lutheran Church
3600 W. Friendly Ave
Greensboro, NC 27410

Monday, June 10
Allegany Public LIbrary
122 N. Main St.
Sparta, NC 28675

Crippled Camera Photos

During this week’s 90 mile shakedown cruise from Oriental, NC to Lowland and back, my old Canon started loosing its mind. The lens blades stuck. The flash stopped working. That speck in the sky wasn’t a plane. It’s not dirt on your screen. It’s crud deep down near my camera’s mind’s eye.

Seeing the photos reminded me of the soon-to-be-deceased. Right before they die, they go through death throes and say some funky things. Or maybe it’s just jibberish. Either… Continue reading

April 12, 2012 Author Program

Don’t make me take my welding mask off. Just kidding. It’d be great to see you.

I’m putting down the welder and harness for a few hours on April 12th to attend an author meet and greet program. A chance for writers, readers and those who do both to rub noses. It’s being hosted by the Caldwell County Public Library in Lenoir, NC. Love to see you if you’re in the neighborhood. We can talk mule travel, wagon construction, publishing… Continue reading

Dangerous New Year 2012

A mad idea gone terrifically right. In January 2004 I decided to run away on a mule. Eight months later, my mounts found themselves in the shadow of a giant spider. That’s a Dangerous New Year. (Slaughterville, OK)

Dangerous New Year travel mates! Yep, we’re in those hazardous days of a fresh year. You know, when you’re still open to mad ideas. Haven’t quite slipped back into those boring habits you swore you’d ditch in 2011. Still sketching out some mad scheme like the ultimate drop cloth and poly tarp mule wagon expedition. Well hell, at least I hope you are…

Continue reading

"Hoofing It" Programs

Mule Woody ponders the end of oyster season. You can learn more about the North Carolina portion of his walk across America at one of the “Hoofing It” programs below. (outside Beaufort, NC)

Fancy traveling across North Carolina by mule to learn about Flour Burgers, Hell Town and the curious warming effects of chili peppers? Then join me on one of the following dates for the “Hoofing It” program. No charge. Leave your pack saddle, picket line, and saddle sore… Continue reading

What's up at RiverEarth.com

2009 may have been the year I completed the Lost Sea Expedition, my Canada to Mexico wagon trek, but the trip isn’t over.

For that, I’ll need a good chunk of 2010.

In the course of the 2,500 mile, 10-state voyage, I shot over 6,500 minutes of Hi-Def film footage. Accompanied by a similiar amount of audio recordings. Now, it’s time to put this store of footage into a documentary film.

This is gonna be loud: Interviewing a Nebraska thunderhead… Continue reading

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