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A random photo of my mules, friends, travels and the life my wife Julia and I live in the mountains of western North Carolina – posted every few days.

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Clothes For A Three Week Mule Ramble

Good Monday morning. The mules and I are heading to Damascus, Virginia today. Right now I’m getting gear loaded into my saddle bags. Here’s how many clothes I’m taking for our three-week ramble.

The photo above is what my wardrobe looks like packed away in a Ziplock bag. Yes, there’s even a pair of thermal underwear in there in case we encounter cold weather in the high country.

Have a great day!

Photo of the Day – Fitting Hoof Boots For Mules

Photo of the Day – Bicycle Mules

Photo of the Day – Legging up Mules Brick and Cracker

Photo of the Day – Swarm Scout Bee

A wider-angle view of the Wisteria swarm box. It’s named Wisteria because the tree I hung it in is covered in wisteria.… Continue reading

Photo of the Day – Mule Wagon on the Beach

Photo of the Day – Walking Through Wyoming With Mule Brick

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Photo of the Day – Blue Bottles for Melinda Penkava-Smith

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