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Falkland Shearing

I know. I told you I was sailing a wooden sailboat from the Falkland Islands to South Georgia. Somewhere along the way, I ended up going from my sea berth to chasing sheep.

I’m new to this sheep thing. Here are some photos. Hope this makes you appreciate that wool sweater you’re wearing!

Yes, I still plan to sail to South Georgia in early January.

falkland islands bernie harberts

Before you can shear sheep, you have to catch them. In the Falklands, it’s called… Continue reading

Where in the World is South Georgia

Recently, I got a message from friends there was a boat headed to South Georgia. There was a spare berth aboard. They wanted me to come along.

“Sure!” I said and finally I had The Answer.

The Answer to The Question folks always ask me – “Where are you traveling next?”

So now, when I tell folks I’m off to South Georgia, this image pops in to their heads.

Me in the Beer Dinghy, floating down the black waters spotting… Continue reading

65 Days At Sea DVD Original

65 Days Alone At Sea DVD
In 2003 Bernie completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 35 foot steel cutter – "Sea Bird". During this voyage Bernie filmed what life at sea was like during the long passage (over 6,000 miles) from South Africa to the US Virgin Islands. Bring Bernie’s positive spirit and life at sea into your living room with this one hour DVD.

Format: SD (Standard Definition)

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"65 Days Alone" DVD Released!

Day 37 – Stuck in the Atlantic Doldrums

After months of work, three-time Emmy Award winner Bob Collins and I have released my “65 Days Alone at Sea” DVD.

65 Days Alone at Sea

This film answers the question I get most about sailig solo around the world – “So Bernie, what’s it like to be alone on the ocean for months at a time.”

Well, here’s your chance to find out.

“65 Days Alone at Sea” is about… Continue reading

Sail Around the World in an Eight-footer?

In early 2007, I plan to drive the mule-drawn “Captain Bernie’s Lost Sea Expedition” wagon from Mexico to Canada.

The Lost Sea Expedition wagon
Southern Pines, NC

Why? Because I want to explore the sea bed of a vanished ocean, the Great Interior Seaway, that covered the Great Plains 75 million years ago

Ok, I admit I’ve taken a bit of ribbing from my friends. They’re just not going for my “Well, that’s what I do for fun. What do… Continue reading

How Big is Your Escape Pod?

Folks are curious about how big an “escape pod” they need – an escape pod being anything that’ll take them on their dream journey. They often ask me “How long a boat do you recommend for ocean sailing?” or “How big (or many) a horse(s) do I need to go on a long distance ride?”

The answer, these days, seems to be “REALY BIG”. The average length of a new cruising sailboat has stretched to 40-something feet, up… Continue reading

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