Lost Sea Expedition

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Welcome to RiverEarth.com

Howdy. This is where I (Bernie Harberts) post about my travels by mule, boat and bike.

Mules Cracker and Brick on my recently completed 2,200 mile ramble from NC to ID ramble (Sue Waddell photo)

To join me for an authentic mule voyage, check out the Lost Sea Expedition, the Rocky Mountain PBS series about my 14 month mule voyage across America.

Stream the series on:

My wife Julia’s take on things at Considering Animals.com.

Happy Adventuring!


700,000 minutes of Lost Sea Expedition Streaming

Mule Polly and I got to wondering. How often is the “Lost Sea Expedition” being streamed on Amazon? The series is about mule Polly and my solo wagon voyage across America. According to Amazon, it’s been viewed over 700,000 minutes in the last 3 months. That’s almost 12,000 hours. Wow!

Bernie Harberts, mule, the lost sea expedition, amazon prime, tv series, documentary, mule polly

The “Lost Sea Expedition” premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS and has gone on to become an award winning film.

More important, the series has gotten over 80 reviews.

Bernie Harberts, mule, the lost sea expedition, amazon prime, tv series, documentary, mule polly

Are You Dan from Madison?

Bernie Harberts, mule, mule polly, lost sea expedition, adventure, lost sea expedition, amazon prime

Dan’s postcard on our fridge. Dan wrote to tell us how much he and his family enjoyed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series. You can stream the series right here on Amazon.

Are you Dan from Madison, Wisconsin? If so, we loved your postcard! It’s always great hearing from folks that enjoy the “Lost Sea Expedition” series about my mule wagon voyage across America. Messages on a post card score bonus points on the Adventure Correspondence scale.

If you’re not… Continue reading

Lost Sea Expedition wins Winnie Award at EQUUS Film Festival

Bernie Harberts, Equus film festival, winnie award, horse, adventure, lost sea expedition

The 2018 Winnie Award (EQUUS Film Festival photo).

Man walks across America with mule. Man makes movie. Movie goes to New York City and….wins shiny gold trophy.


Okay. Sorry. I got a little emotional there.

It’s just that I’m excited that the “Lost Sea Expedition”, the account of my mule voyage across America, just won a Winnie award at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City. It won for best Full Length Equestrian Film Travel Documentary.

Bernie Harberts, Equus film festival, winnie award, horse, adventure, lost sea expedition

2018 EQUUS Film Festival Schedule

Bernie Harberts, Equus film festival, horse, adventure, lost sea expedition, amazon prime

The EQUUS Film Festival runs Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. The festival is dedicated to all things horse, mule and donkey and features movies from around the world.

2018 EQUUS Film Festival

12:00 pm
90:00 min / Directed by: Bernie Harberts
Trailer: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5vWlAttTaY”:
Equestrian Documentary – Full Length (over 30 minutes)
The “Lost Sea Expedition” is the 4-part series about Bernie Harberts’ 14 month wagon… Continue reading

"The Horse" Magazine Reports on the "Lost Sea Expedition" TV Series

Polly the Mule’s Cross-County Journey: Health and Welfare Considerations
“The Horse” Magazine
Originally published Jul 8, 2018 / “The Horse” Magazine
By Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA

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Polly’s owner planned ahead to keep her healthy and happy over their 2,500-mile, 14-month journey from Canadian to Mexican borders. / Photo: Courtesy Bernie Harberts

Some horses go on long trail rides—for several hours.

Some go on really long trail rides—for several days.

And then, there are those like Polly the mule.

Polly went on… Continue reading

"Lost Sea Expedition" Dinner and Movie at Leatherwood Mountain August 23

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs

Hey, are you ready for some tacos, mountain air and mule adventure? Leatherwood Mountain is hosting a “Lost Sea Expedition” Dinner & Movie night. We’ll show the “Lost Sea Expedition” film, eat tacos and stay up late talking mules, adventure and travel. We’d love to have you.
When: August 23 / 6 pm
Where: Leatherwood Mountains (Ferguson, NC)
Contact: 336 973 5044
Sure would be great to see you! Please share with your friends that might enjoy this. Full details at LeatherwoodMountains.com

Continue reading

A letter from the Lost Sea Expedition Wagon

bernie harberts mule wagon tiny home vardo lost sea expedition letter

A letter for you, straight from the Lost Sea Expedition wagon (Otero County, NM)

Polly’s tied up in the wind to a road sign that says “Pinon Creek Rd” – a road that leads from dust to more wind.

That’s how the letter started.

Traveling from Canada to Mexico with my wagon for the Lost Sea Expedition TV series, I kept in touch with friends largely through letters – occasionally a phone call. Toward the end of my voyage, crossing… Continue reading

"Lost Sea Expedition" interview on "Carolina Hoofbeats" TV show

bernie harberts lost sea expedition mule polly tiny house public tv rocky mountain pbs amazon prime streaming solar power off grid carolina hoofbeats rose cushing rodney cushing

Note: Program has been rescheduled to air July 29: Here’s your chance to prepare for your next adventure! Join “Carolina Hoofbeats” host Rose Cushing and me as we take a look at the voyage behind the “Lost Sea Expedition” TV series. You’ll meet mule Polly and tour the wagon she pulled from Canada to Mexico.
When: Sunday, July 22 / 7:30am

When: Sunday, July 22 / 7:30am

Where: Channel CW22 (Raleigh, NC)

Streaming: If you don’t catch it on TV, you can stream the episode on Roku’s “Farm and Ranch TV Network” (coming early August 2018)

Continue reading

The Lost Sea Expedition

Welcome to the General Store. Have a look around. Scroll through the books and DVDs. Watch some trailers. We ship all our orders in house. That means if you’d like a special inscription in your DVD or book – or you have questions – just drop us a line.

The Lost Sea Expedition

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The Lost Sea Expedition DVD is about Bernie Harberts’ 14… Continue reading

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