Lost Sea Expedition

The Lost Sea According to the Bible and Joe Taylor

Creationist Joe Taylor
Crosbyton, Texas

Why are the Great Plains covered in marine fossils? Creationist Joe Taylor says the answer can only be answered by the Biblical story. Click here to listen to Joe explain….
Also, if you’re wondering how far mule Polly has dragged her wagon in the 13 months we’ve been on the road then click here for a look at the wagon atlas…

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Where in the Lost Sea has Mule Mule Polly Been?

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with where mule Polly has pulled the Lost Sea wagon. We’re crossing the Lost Sea, after all, right? To guide us, mule Polly rely on old fashioned paper maps. Nope, you won’t find any of those digitally sterile online computer maps here. Rather, you’ll find a photograph of the wrinkled atlas that’s bounced through hail, snow, dust devils, herds of antelope and three pickled prairie shrimp.

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Wrappin' up like Shi

Shi and Becky Hurst
Umbarger, Texas

It’s 13 degrees and blowing 20 knots on the Texas High Plains. You don’t want to look like a sissy wearing your poly neck warmer. Enter Shi and Becky’s bandana option… Also, we’ve added more dates to the 2009 RiverEarth.com program series. Click here for program times and dates… And finally, click here to see mule Polly’s route from Canada toward Mexico…

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