Lost Sea Expedition

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Nicodemus Part 1: Into the Land of Smoking Holes

Dugout: aka “smoking hole”
(Kansas State Historical Society Photo)

“9 MONTHS OF SUMMER” the hand bills promised the freed slaves during the Reconstruction Period. All they had to do was travel west to stake their claim. When they showed up, they found smoking holes. Click here for the fascinating story of Nicodemus, Kansas….

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Coyote Mummy Halloween

Serpent life at the bottom of the Lost Sea
Outside Phillipsburg, Kansas

This week, from the base of Lone Butte in Logan County, Kansas, I speak with DG Martin, host of “Who’s Talking”. The program airs Thursday, October 30 2008. Click here to go to the Appearances page where you’ll find air times….

If you missed the radio show, or live outside DG’s Chapel Hill, NC broadcast area, click here to get a podcast of the visit…

South of Logan, Kansas

Boo! This Halloween, straight from the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon, we’re bringing you a mummified creature, an abandoned school house, and a guy named Dave. Click here to listen to a spooky Great Plains mummy story….

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