Lost Sea Expedition

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Locomotive Manifold Menus

The Iron Caterpillar
Outside Seneca, NE

Following the BNSF railroad through the Nebraska Sandhills, I wonder what life’s like aboard the rumbling iron caterpillar. Meet Gene Hansen, who’ll tell you what it tastes like…. Also, mule Polly and I are still in a signin’ and shippin’ mood.

Signing a copy of the “Too Proud” travel book atop the Harlan County Dam
South of Republican City, Nebraska

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Get a Book Straight off the Mule Wagon

A yellow mule wagon rolls into your town and you think, “hmmmm…. Wonder what he’s selling?”

Anselmo, NE

Problem is, there’s a gap between what folks think they can buy off a mule wagon – and what you can actually carry aboard an equine-powered machine. I roll into a town like Anselmo, Nebraska, and folks wander up with a fist-full of dollars saying, “Mister, I’d like a hotdog.” or, “Mister, I’d like an ice cream.”

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