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The Lost Sea Expedition

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The Lost Sea Expedition is available for streaming and also on DVD.

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The series can be streamed on Amazon (Free w/Prime) and Vimeo.

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The Lost Sea Expedition is available on DVD. Experience a 14… Continue reading

Radiator Christmas Greetings

bernie harberts lost sea expedition first gen dodge chrismtas wreath 1992 Dodge adventuree
Merry twisted Christmas. Some grape vine Yule time greetings from the grill of my old Dodge.

This Christmas, mule Polly and I are off the road launching the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. Polly’s munching pasture hay and I twisted up some grape vines for a radiator wreath. In recent days, the wreath’s taken on a nautical tilt from highway speeds in winter weather. It reminds me of a Christmas that went sideways on my old sailboat Sea Bird .

Here’s the nautical version of the old Wise Man story.

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Prime Time Premiere Scheduled

bernie harberts lost sea expedition rocky mountain pbs

I’m super excited to announced the airing dates and time for the 4-part Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS (Colorado). This documentary is about the about the 14 month solo wagon voyage I took across America with my mule Polly.

Dates and time are:

– first 4 Thursdays in January

– 8 pm

That’s January 4, 11, 18 and 25. Please tell all your friends that live in Colorado to tune in to the series.

Don’t live in Colorado but want to check out the series? No worries. You’ll be able to stream the series and buy the DVD. Here are some ways you can watch the series anywhere.

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The Lost Sea Expedition on Rocky Mountain PBS January 4, 11, 18 and 25

bernie harberts lost sea expedition rocky mountain pbs

I’m super excited to announced the airing time and dates for the 4-part Lost Sea Expedition documentary on Rocky Mountain PBS (Colorado). You’ll also be able to stream the series on Amazon. That link will be up shortly (in the General Store).

The Lost Sea Expedition on Rocky Mountain PBS

Starting January 4, a new episode of the Lost Sea Expedition will air each week in January. Each episode will air twice. Airing times and dates are:

Primetime… Continue reading

The Cremation Garden and Fire Truck Tour of Radville, Saskatchewan

Radville, Saskatchewan is a town of about 800 nestled fifty miles north of Plenytwood Montana. I’ve spent the past week here, guest of the town, preparing mule Polly for the Lost Sea Expedition.

First, thanks loads to Mayor Dave and everyone else who came out to visit with mule Polly and me last night. According to Jeannette Verhelst, “We were cooking up hamburgers so fast in the Zamboni room we had to keep sending back to the Co-op for more.”… Continue reading

Coming soon: the Lost Sea Expedition TV series

 bernie harberts mule polly lost sea expedition

Mule Polly and me during the New Mexican phase of the Lost Sea Expedition, our wagon voyage across America. Looking back on it now, I’m sure Polly wondered why I kept stopping and taking pictures like this one. She was right to wonder. That footage – including lots of interviews with folks met along the way – is now the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. (Hope, New Mexico)

Hey, ‘just wanted to give you a sneak peak at a massive… Continue reading

Tourism Newfoundland Clip

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Our State Woody and Maggie article

Connie Cassidy
2014-07-01 00:35:02

It’s nice to see you posting again. I’ve missed you. I hope your heart is recovering from a truly difficult winter. Thoughts of comfort are drifting your way from Western Washington.

Woody and Maggie (198/9? – 2014)

I’ve written and read a lot of obituaries lately. In the span of eighteen months, my mother, dad, mule, pack pony and family dog have died. None of this comes as a surprise. The young are supposed to scatter the ashes of the old. Then they go on living. Potatoes are banked. Winesaps are pruned. Commutes are commuted. May be some ash slips in to the orchard.

Here’s a look back at two extraordinary equines that took me in to… Continue reading

The Mule at Your Window

Mule Polly has it sussed. While I’m inside sampling some of Newfoundland’s finest home cooked meals, say a skillet of caplin fried in fatback on an oil range, someone will say, “Look! There’s a horse looking in the window.” At which point I look up from my plate of fried fish and say, “yeah, that’s just mule Polly. I think she’d like some molasses bread.”

Chalk it up as a peril of Newfie hospitality.

The mule at your window (Red… Continue reading

Pack Saddle Temptation

Mule Polly never was intended to be a pack mule. The mule that I drove from Canada to Mexico and across Newfoundland has made it clear she doesn’t count carrying a pack saddle among her duties. Last time she was doing the beast of burden thing, she ran away, crashed her packs into some trees and high-tailed it to camp. Ronald Hudson, Polly’s last owner, has me warned she was ticklish about the subject.

This weekend I could take it… Continue reading

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