Travel by Mule & Wagon

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Ground Goobers and the Egg Man

So last week mule Polly and I are traveling across eastern North Carolina in my just-built mule wagon. Getting ready for our Canadian Maritime Adventure.

The view from inside the wagon. In the background, mule Polly fills her tank. (Bayboro, NC)

If you recall, the wagon is actually two parts. Part One: the forecart, on which I sit, is a two wheeled cart outfitted with a trailer hitch. Part Two: the wagon, is a two-wheeled trailer that serves as living… Continue reading

End of the Wagon Day

A kerosene lantern inside the wagon. The patterned fabric in the background is a blanket that serves as part of my wagon cover. The sticks in the tin can are fat wood, also called lighter wood, I use to start my wood stove. It was gathered on a recent wagon outing.

It’s been a long week here aboard the mule wagon – hence the short post. In the past 8 days, Polly and I have traveled over 90 miles through… Continue reading

Wagon Construction Week 5

The concept was simple. Build a two-wheeled cart. Build a two-wheeled covered wagon. Hitch the wagon to the cart and pull the rig through the Canadian Maritimes. I built the cart. I built the wagon.

So far, so good for 5 weeks of work.

Polly hooked to the cart. Technically, it’s called a forecart. It was designed to pull equine powered implements such as plows, hay rakes or scrapers. I’ve repurposed it to pull my wagon. On the back of… Continue reading

Wagon Construction Week 3

Last week I showed you a few photos of how my new wagon is progressing. The pressure’s on now to get this sucker finished. My goal is to haul it up to the Canadian Maritimes while spring’s still in the air. There, hauled by mule Polly, I want to interview folks about things seafaring and cod.

Here are a few photos Week 3 of wagon construction. Yep, this was the week I hitched mule Polly to the wagon. I’ve been… Continue reading

Second Week of Wagon Building

Big progress on the wagon front these past days. As I’ve mentioning in recent weeks, there’s another mule wagon trip on mule Polly and my horizon. It cheers me to announce that I’m a cotton blanket and tarp away from a roof that’ll keep the whole thing dry.

Where it’s all taking place. Here’s the barn where I’m building my wagon. A chestnut tree throws a wintery shadow over the scrap heap where I’ve gotten quite a bit of building… Continue reading

The Start of Dangerous Planning

It happens the first week of every January. You kick off the New Year swearing you’ll go traveling this year. Hike the Appalachian Trail. You doodle up the trailer you’re going to build for your bike. Maybe even cut out some paper, lay it on top of that burnt out camper shell you saw in the classifieds. Dream about rebuilding that sucker and pulling out for Frisco.

I get that. I’m not immune to the dreamer’s tug. A few years… Continue reading

The Completed Lost Sea Expedition Route

The Lost Sea
75-million years ago

The goal of the Lost Sea Expedition was to travel the seabed of the Mediterranean-sized sea that covered the Great Plains 75-million years ago. Just me and a hearty mule named Polly pulling a small wagon filled with recording gear.

The Completed Lost Sea Expedition Route

The voyage began in Neptune, Saskatchewan. That’s about the only thing that went according to plan. What was supposed to be a 6-month trip spanned 2 calendar years.… Continue reading

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