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Ride a Mule Across the Second Oldest River in the World

Howdy Sunday. I hope you’ve having a good weekend. I’ve been posting the last few weeks about my mule ramble up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail, which runs from Elk Garden to Ivanhoe on the New River. Most of those posts and videos showed my mules Brick, Cracker and me traveling through the forest, from old growth white pine groves to controlled burns.

A controlled burn in the Mount Rogers area. The uphill side of the road has been burned… Continue reading

Mules Brick and Cracker Grooming Each Other While I Ride Them up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail

While riding my mules Brick and Cracker up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail, they had to get used to being away from their pasture mates. They groomed each other with their teeth more than usual, and I was happy to let them stop and tend to each other a little.

Let me Give You a Heads-up When my New Book “Two Mules to Triumph” is Published

I’d love to give you a heads-up when my new book, Two Mules to… Continue reading

Listen How to Take Big Trips in a Small Way on The Offbeat Life Podcast

I love taking big trips in small steps: pedaling an old bicycle long distances, walking through the woods for hours or traveling by mule (like my latest ramble). What’s even more exciting is sharing what I’ve learned about traveling this way with folks who dream of taking an adventure of their own.

This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest Off Beat Life, a website dedicated to online jobs and location-independent work.

Debbie Arcangeles, founder of the… Continue reading

My Ride up the Virginia Highland Horse Trail Ends but the Journey Continues

The other day, I accompanied my wife Julia to film one of her Trust Technique sessions. The husband and wife she was working with met us at their barn, and the husband gave me a confused look. “Hey, I’ve been following your mule ramble on your website,” he said. “I thought you were still on the trail.”

On the trail: my mule Brick following my saddle mule Cracker, who I’m riding, up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail (outside Cripple Creek,… Continue reading

Watch Two Mules Walk up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail in Hoof Boots

I recently wrote a post on how my Renegade hoof boots were performing on the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail is rough in places, littered with rocks, logs, mud, puddles, boulders and yes, the occasional horse shoe that was ripped of a horse or mule’s hoof. My hoof boots did great. Here’s a short video of how they performed on a flat but rocky section of the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.

I’m proud to report that after 80 miles of sometimes… Continue reading

What It’s Like For a Mule to Nibble Your Beard

One of the best things about being on a mule ramble is to have time to hang with your mules – really hang with your mules. In some cases, they interact with you in ways that they don’t back home. In this case, mule Brick decided she wanted to nuzzle my beard. She’s never done that before. It tickles and it would be great if, once in your life, you could experience it, even if you don’t have a beard.… Continue reading

How I Rode my Mules up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail

Hey, I drew you a map of my first five days riding my mules Brick and Cracker up the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.

A very rough map I sketched of my first five days riding the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail with my mules Brick and Cracker.

I sketched the map into Katie’s notebook. Her parents, RJ and Christina, invited me for supper while I was camped at Fox Creek Horse Camp. Here are some photos of our time together.

Pondering… Continue reading
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