Mules West

Hailey, Idaho: Final Destination in the Snow

A mule voyage that spanned 10 states and included floods, ticks, highway melting heat and nose hair freezing cold ended in snow. Mules Brick and Cracker and I have arrived at our final destination outside Hailey, Idaho.

I added some grey to my beard those final miles. That fluffy white stuff is snow.

In to the Final 10 Miles

188 days after setting out from our North Carolina home, the mules and I tackled the final 10 miles to where… Continue reading

Let’s Keep in Touch

It sure has been great having you along for the Mules West ramble.  Though that journey is winding down, it would be great to stay in touch with you. If you’d like to get a heads up from me every now and then, just sign up for my newsletter. 

There’s a better way to communicate than tumbleweeds: a scene from my Lost Sea Expedition series on Amazon Prime (Keyes, OK)

No, I won’t pester you with a bunch of emails.… Continue reading

Heading in to the Final 10 Miles of Mules West Ramble

2,190 miles down. 10 miles to go. Tonight, Friday October 18, the mules and I arrived in Hailey, Idaho, the target we’ve been aiming for since we rode out the front gate 6 months ago.

Cracker soaking up the Hailey welcome
Crossing Goodall’s Cutoff yesterday. (outside of Picabo, Idaho)
Soaking up some final time on the trail with Brick (Lava Lake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho)

Tomorrow we tackle the final 10 miles to Nick and Carolyn Parker’s,… Continue reading

Arco, Idaho: Down to the Final 75 Miles

The mules and I have arrived at the first town in American powered by nuclear power, Arco, Idaho.

Across a sage brush land: Cracker, Brick and I walking up Taber Road toward Arco. I’m walking to stay warm. Yes, I’m lightly dressed for days where night time lows dip to 20-degrees but no amount of clothes keeps me warm sitting in the saddle. These frosty mornings, the only thing I can do to keep warm is walk beside my mounts.… Continue reading

The Top Hat Mystery

It fit my head when I got married. It fit my hat when I rode out the front gate. It doesn’t fit my hat any more. What the hell’s going on with my top hat?

Cracker, my top hat and me: here Cracker is inspecting my stitching as I repair the denim cover to one of my water jugs. This photo was taken 8 states ago, back when my top hat fit better.

Some Top Hat History

The mules and… Continue reading

The Final 130 Miles

Howdy Friday. The mules and I are heading in to the final 130 miles of our Mules West ramble. This week (October 12 – 17) we head back out in to the desert after a wonderful few days resting up with the Humphrey family in Blackfoot, Idaho. From here in Blackfoot, Brick, Cracker and I ride toward Atomic City and Arco.

The land around here. This is a photo fro last week’s 88 mile ride from Alpine, Idaho to Blackfoot,… Continue reading

Sought: Ride Home for Two Mules

Know anyone that could trailer my mules Brick and Cracker from Idaho back to North Carolina? They’ve walked 2,000 miles to get here and don’t want to walk home.

Cracker and Brick spent 6 months walking from North Carolina to Idaho. Now it’s time to go home.

Right now (October 11) the mules and I are in Blackfoot, Idaho. We plan to be in Hailey, Idaho around October 25, I’d be looking for a trailer ride home to North Carolina… Continue reading

Winding Down the Mules West Ramble

April 6, 2019, mules Brick and Cracker and I rode out our front gate and headed west from North Carolina. This week, 181 days and 10 states later, we arrived in Idaho. Crossing Wolverine Gap, east of Blackfoot, we ran in to snow for the second time in 3 days. The Rocky Mountain winter is coming. It is time to wrap up the Mules West ramble.

Snow slog (Wolverine, Idaho)
The Mules West ramble route to date – Lenoir, NC… Continue reading
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