Dancing (Sorta) With Mules

Fancy the Self Portrait Mule Head Rub Dance? (Rineyville, KY)

The day didn’t quite start with dancing but it looked that way. In the photo above, I’m faring Luna Ortiz well. She and her husband Kevin put us up for the night. What looks like a Fred Estaire-esque move on my part really isn’t.

To make this photo I set my camera on a tripod and set the self timer to go off in 10 seconds. 3 seconds before the camera snapped the photo, Cracker (L) decided to rub is head on Luna. In a gentlemanly gesture I pushed his head aside with my boot.

Voila! The new Self Portrait Mule Head Rub dance move is invented. And Luna didn’t get a mule hair on her beautiful purple sweater.

Luna and Kevin raise sheep for wool. Learn more about Luna and her fiber business at BlueMoonFiberArts.com.

PS: This photos was taken quite a few weeks and miles ago in Rineyville, KY. The mules and I are now crossing Missouri.

PPS: Here are some more self portrait tips for mule mule travellers.


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