Danger Yellow Versus the Grim Reaper – Southern Pines, NC

My biggest fear about hitting the open road in my new wagon is getting rear-ended by a car and waking up with the Grim Reaper saying “Hey, that joker that hit you told the cops he couldn’t see you. Said you just looked like some desert scrub out there in that tan wagon.”

The Grim Reaper (well, actually, it’s Bernie deciding that those tan walls need some yellow paint rolled onto them.)

So I marched down to the hardward store and got a gallon of Danger Yellow, the bright stuff, like they put on schoolbuses.

Walls laid out for painting.

I decided that instead of bolting the walls onto the wagon and then painting them like that, I’d lay them all out on the lawn and roll the paint to them while it was still easy. Ok, so then the wind started blowing and the last maple leaf on the farm got stuck in the paint job. But who cares? This is a gypsy wagon, not a Pimp my Ride graduate. Actually, the odd skid mark lends the paint job an authentic flavor.

Can you see me now? The side walls bolted in place.

Then of course I had to bolt two sides into place just to see how they looked.


I sure hope my Peril Yellow paint job keeps Mr. Grim at bay.



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