Dixie Faces

Friday, my wife Julia and I attended the Dixie Draft Sale. The Dixie Draft Sale is the biggest horse, mule, tack and horse drawn equipment sale in the south-east. Their catalogue is the only place I’ve ever seen the word “chattlel” used outside of a hand written Civil War last will and testament.

From the age of chattel: he stopped and looked at me while I was looking at the black wagon and said, “I could have bought a hearse like this 45 years ago for $70.”

Mirriam Webster describes chattel as, ” an item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (such as buildings) connected with real property.”

Many of the faces we encountered – including some of our friends’ – hark back to that by-gone era when a man might use a word like chattel.

There was plenty of that on sale this weekend.

The Dixie Draft Sale

Before we get to the faces, I wanted to show you some photos from the sale.

Chattel sale: the arena where saddles, bridles, harness and other horse gear are auctioned off.
Red wagons, blue sky: there were well over 100 field wagons, covered wagons, horse drawn hearses, forecarts and even a Cinderella surrey for sale.
My favorite wagon at the sale: it sold for $1,200.
Selling horse trailers
Come on! Bid on a come-along!
You know Pegasus would look good in your front yard.
While you’re raising your hand….
Just remember you have to haul home what you buy. Here, a sorta shonky way to keep your trailer attached to your tow rig.

Dixie Faces

Boy in a straw hat
Here, long time friends Myla and Kenny Tyndal. The first thing Kenny asked when he saw me was, “hey, you want a collard sandwich?” He pulled one out of his pocket and added, “it’s made with hoe cake.” Kenny and I have had wagon load of adventures, from driving wagons to the beach to wrecking wagons to repairing wrecked wagons to shaking down the Newfie wagon I drove across Newfoundland.
The wagon tester
Did they see eye to eye?
A new old collar
Lot 23
Lot 042 and 043
White face: the man on the mule said, “you know he’s a good mule once he gets to know you. But he’ll try you at first. Nothing serious. You know, just pick up his heels a little bit.”
Sell, sell, sell!

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4 years ago

You give this day so much of its real feel with your words and photos. You are a true artist with a good eye and a great command of your pen. You are the man to set forth to travel and document for others what you behold. You are a man doing the job you should be doing. Thank you.

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