Driveway Visit

I carry an old camera in my saddle bag and point it toward other people.

My trusty camera: years old and still snappin’. It’s a Canon G16 wrapped in an old timey looking case.

So it’s fun when folks I catch up with send photos of our visit. Here are a few sent to me Janet DeClerck. She took these the night I stayed with Rob and Brooke Wangen of Panwee, Illinois. They really capture the spirit of folks just visiting folks.

Thanks for the pics Janet. What a fun look at my trip from the other side of the lens.

Rob and Brooke’s blood hound Copper moving in for the pat while I’m rattling off on a story that probably started, “well, here’s what happened….”


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5 years ago

You’re a brave (and also organized) man to keep up with all the names of folks! And its the least you can do, but some travelers don’t bother with these details in their narratives, and I always wonder if they really appreciate the help they get along the way. Perhaps one would need to make a distinction between travelers who write, and regular travelers?

Write me down as “Mr. Impressed”!


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