Driving Home: End Day 1

Today mules Brick, Cracker and I chug, chugged 500 miles closer to home in our trailer: from Hailey, Idaho to Rawlins, Wyoming. Here are a few photos of the day I thought you might enjoy.

Brick get a little attention for how well she loaded. I, on the other hand, need some attention from a pair of hair clippers…. (Nick Parker photo)
Today’s run: I know, it doesn’t look like much on a map. Still, I did in 10 hours of driving what it would take me 45 days to do with my mules. (Google Maps image)
How Cracker and Brick started their day in Hailey, Idaho. Here, in the back yard of my brother in law NIck Parker and his wife Carolyn.
Crackers remembers just how nice that pasture was. He wasn’t stalling. He was reminiscing. (Nick Parker photo)
On the road. Most of my day looked like this. Here, the sage brush flats of southern Idaho.
A butte outside Green River, Wyoming. Sure makes me want to come back and explore this country with my wife Julia.
Winding down. The view through my rear view mirror outside Rawlins, Idaho.
My cabin for the night: my horse trailer.
My hay mattress. This is where Cracker stood all day. Yes, I cleaned out the manure. Well, as best I could…
The complete bed. Tonight I’m sleeping in my bivy bag. Temps will only be in the 20s so it’ll be plenty warm. Now that I look at this photo, I realize I should have swept more manure off that trailer ramp. No worries. My feet go at that end.
Day’s end: Cracker and Brick turned loose for the night at the Rawlins Equine Center

I’d like thank everyone who’s sent me well wishes for a safe journey home. It’s a long way from Idaho back to North Carolina. It means a lot to know you enjoyed watching the mule ramble and are keeping us in your thoughts as we make our way home.

Additional thanks to the Rawlins Equine Center for putting mules Brick and Cracker and me up for the night.

Now it’s off to bed trailer. Tomorrow we head toward Grand Island, Nebraska.


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Sue McBride
4 years ago

Wishing you continued safe travels Glad you are posting re: your trip home. I’ve become used to checking in daily on your mule ramble west. I’ll miss reading your journal. I’ve appreciated seeing this countryside from your perspective atop a mule and other viewpoints. Thanks for sharing.
Remember, there’s always a cup of coffee and some grub for you at the Whistle-Stop if you are in the area!

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