End of the Wagon Day

A kerosene lantern inside the wagon. The patterned fabric in the background is a blanket that serves as part of my wagon cover. The sticks in the tin can are fat wood, also called lighter wood, I use to start my wood stove. It was gathered on a recent wagon outing.

It’s been a long week here aboard the mule wagon – hence the short post. In the past 8 days, Polly and I have traveled over 90 miles through eastern North Carolina. From Oriental to Lowland, up to Aurora and back to Oriental. Call it the shake down trip for the upcoming Canadian Maritime Voyage.

Good thing is I’ve spent so many nights aboard the new wagon, it’s starting to feel like home. The evening ritual goes like this.

Feed Polly. Light the wood stove. Cook a mix of foraged and lardered food – from Pamlico County eggs to store bought split peas. Then it’s glass-of-wine-time, pipe time and before turning in, time to step into the night air to check on Polly.

A wide, night time, view of the wagon. Here, you’re looking forward at the front door. The illumination is candle and lamp light.

Then comes my favorite part of the evening. Blowing out the lantern. Then the candle. Finally, banking down the stove for the night. With the wagon’s three fires put to rest, it’s time to climb into bed.

With any luck, at 2a, the whole wagon won’t start rocking. That would be mule Polly indulging in her favorite bedtime ritual. Scratching her hindquarters on the wagon door. Then again, after pulling my wagon all over the county, she’s probably entitled to it.

Good night.

(Map note: the map shows you were Polly and I stayed in Lowland, NC.)

2012-04-28 04:38:23

Bernie, I wish you and Polly much luck and safety in your travels together. I tried to add you to my address book but I don’t have a computer its a webtv, for some reason it wouldn’t except www.riverearth.com…….I would like to follow along in your travels if it was only possible. I got this address from Wagonteamster.Write back to me if you have time please…..and let me know how your trip is going and where you are….Thanks and God Bless! Buffy

butterbean carpenter
2012-04-28 17:18:54

Howdy Bernie & Polly,

How come you ain’t got a dog, hah?? Just a mule, but a sweet one!! I’m gettin’ so antsy,
waitin’ on you and ol’ WT to GO!!! There is so much traffic on the E coast I tell you I’m a little worried about this adventure; it may a BIGadventure, but I’ll trust Polly to get us through… Can we go thru Amish country and show Polly off?? Them & their harness hosses!!


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